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Now Brazilians are surfing more than just the web

The Oi Rio Pro surf competition is up and running, or “swimming” as some might say, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The Oi Rio pro is held every spring around May. The Oi Rio Pro is the fourth spot in the Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour in both the men’s and the women’s world competition. The Oi Rio Pro is also the first stop outside of Australia which gives “home ocean advantage” to the Brazilians. Gabriel Medina, Adriano de Souza, and Filipe Toledo are three of the home grown surfers that are currently competing in the competition. Gabriel Medina is a stunning surfer, and won the World Championship title in Brazil at the end of 2014. Adriano de Souza is hot on the charts right now holding the number one spot on the Jeep Leaderboard and winner of the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro. Filipe Toledo, on the other hand, is improving quickly and won the first stop of the surf tour at the Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast.

The competition got delayed a few days because the swells were too small for the surfers interest. Luckily, the competition started on May 11 with the surfers eager to get in the water and start competing. Unfortunately, the Oi Rio Pro is moving along slowly due to the smaller and inconsistent swells.

Make sure to check out the Oi Rio Pro at:



Miraculous Recovery and Headache for the Record Books AJ

A Brazilian man survived after being stabbed in the skull with a knife during an argument with a random. He drove to safety with the knife in his head for over three hours. The 39 year old man was stabbed four times, three times in the torso, and once in the head. “He had the knife lodged in his head for this whole period but he was not aware of it,” he said. The knife was so deep in the mans head that only the handle was visible from his skull. “The knife crossed his head just behind the optical nerve, got very close to the olfactory nerve and (was) just a fraction from the gustatory nerve. He could have been blinded and could have lost his senses of smell and taste, but none of that happened and he is alive and healthy.” states CNN news. The man is now in the recovery center at the hospital and is healing greatly. Miracles do happen!


Sexual Child Abuse, Never Again AJ

The fate of a pregnant 10 year old in Paraguay has been the national debate this past week May 2015. Child rape is a big problem in South America and this situation has caused the nation to speak out. “The rallies came amid a fierce debate over what is best for the 10-year-old rape victim who is being denied an abortion. In Paraguay, the procedure is banned in all cases — even rape — except when the mother’s life is in danger.” states ABC News. The decision to not allow the little girl to get an abortion has gotten the United Nations human rights experts to get involved with the situation to help this little girl to receive her justice, and live on healthy. About 600 girls 14 or under become pregnant each year in this country of 6.8 million people. Studies by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control say thousands of children in the United States also give birth each year. In South America these cases are very common and the Nations are doing all they can to prevent events like these from happening again. WireAP_86e2674c6391437483dc5d430ee43411_16x9_992

“False Positives” Gain No Justice HW

In Buenaventura, Columbia, on Aug. 23, 2008, Víctor Gómez left his home outside of Bogotá, telling his family he had been offered work in another region of Columbia.  Two days later Mr. Gómez was dead, with a bullet between his eyes, in a faraway morgue, where the army had reported him an enemy combatant killed in action. Mr. Gómez was just one of possibly thousands of civilians executed by Colombian military personnel between 2002 and 2008. Civilian prosecutors are currently investigating more than 3,000 cases, many involving young men lured by fake job offers to distant towns, where the army murdered them. Targets included the homeless, farmers, children and people with mental disabilities. In Colombia, the cases are known as “false positives.” Most of these cases remain unresolved.

“After six years, there still hasn’t been any justice,” said Carmenza Gómez, Víctor’s mother “We want justice for all the victims, they were tricked and didn’t deserve to die like that. Just because they were poor doesn’t mean they had no right to live.”


Holiday Feeding Frenzy HW

On Christmas day, roughly 70 people did not get a Christmas miracle, but a nightmare. On Christmas day there was a massive piranha attack in a Bolivia river.Thankfully none were killed, but many required medical attention at the scene. Many people were attacked on their feet and ankles. Some piranhas even managed to bite off fingers.

A heatwave is being blamed for attracting the piranhas to the shore. A piranhas bite is said to be more powerful than a great white sharks! Less damage is done due to their size. For these people, they could care less about their size.

Just remember, if you ever find yourself swimming in a Bolivia river, watch out for piranhas. Piranha Attack Swimmers, Bite Off Girls Finger

Unrest in Brazil

Over one million people protested in the streets of Brazil last week. People in Brazil are angry with the president Dilma Rousseff and are not happy with they way she has been governing. Since she has taken office in 2011, she’s had two different up roarings and dissatisfaction. First, “six of her ministries fell in the first ten months of her government due to corruption accusations” reports Diego Costa. And it sounds to me like it only gets worse from there. Members of her political party were also found guilty of a vote buying scheme. Now she is being investigated by the federal police for a multi-billion bribe scheme. And as Rousseff continues to hold power its only getting worse. Th protests throughout the streets were fighting for a new president because of their corrupt and unstable government. A stronger economy would also allow for accusations and blame to fall farther away from President Rousseff.

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